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ESPACE RAVI PRASAD is a UNIQUE place open to all, a meeting place for the "dialogue of cultures and the culture of dialogue" through the VOICE.

A place to explore and discover ... The project of Ravi Prasad is built around high ambitions: art should be shared. He weaves a link between men, artists and the world. He engages, creates confidence and optimism.

Espace Ravi Prasad uses artistic creation and education of the voice as a vehicle for education and social and cultural dialogue at the heart of its project.

Located in Toulouse, near the city centre, Espace Ravi Prasad offers workshops, courses and trainings of the Voices for amateurs and professionals, it also organises shows and concerts and welcomes artists for rehearsals and residences.

Espace Ravi Prasad à Toulouse Espace Ravi Prasad à Toulouse
Ravi Prasad
  Ravi Prasad

Should we speak of a Carnatic singer?  The creator of Indian polyphony composed from popular inspirational and spiritual songs and harmonised by the west and "MYTHIA".  His first symphony was composed for the 50th anniversary of UNESCO.  Let us simply speak of a free and borderless artist ...

He has lived in France since 1985, Ravi Prasad floats between his native Indian sounds and contemporary music.  He transmits the wonders of the vocal and spiritual traditions that have fed him and shares the fruits of his experiences and has done so for many years.  He is a show man, he met Regine Chopinot (Atlantic Ballet, La Rochelle) and their successful collaboration led them to create three shows from 1997 to 2002.

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For Ravi Prasad, the Voice is the "first instrument" of man. His desire to communicate and share this passion led him to open in autumn of 2008, in the Toulouse region, a place specifically dedicated to the voice.

Espace Ravi Prasad offers everyone the possibility of discovering their voice, developing and exploring its many sides.  In order to do this, Ravi Prasad has surrounded himself with teachers that have multiple skills.

The courses offered are open to all audiences, from beginners to advanced.  No musical knowledge is required.

Various areas are proposed: Tools for singing, rhythm and the voice, the voice as a way of expression, the child's voice, the body serving the voice, the vibrations of the voice, discovering oneself through the voice.

You can find details of these classes on our website under
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Espace Ravi Prasad à Toulouse
Location de l'espace

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Location d'espace et scène à Toulouse  
Location d'espace et scène à Toulouse
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