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Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad, a free and borderless artist

His talent and great artistic freedom are rooted in his childhood, spent in a family of rajas in Kerala (South India).

He moved to France in 1985, crowned a solid reputation in singing Carnatic (sacred) chants and turned quickly to jazz, to electro-acoustic and contemporary music; interests that resulted in collaborations with the team of Bernard Lubat to Uzeste, and flamenco guitarist Pedro Soler (several tours in Germany and Spain).

Loving their sound, he collaborated with artists such as DJ Goze (compilation Buddha Bar III) and Talvin Singh (Festival of Saint Denis, Opera of London, Theatre of the Champs Elysees).

Ravi Prasad is first and foremost a showman. He worked in partnership with choreographer Régine Chopinot on three productions along with the Atlantic Ballet (Festival of Hue in Vietnam, the Avignon Festival, tours of India) based on a legendary musical tradition from his country "Malbar Experience" (in collaboration with musicians from the Réunion) and in "Ponguël" musical theatre in where he acted alongside Celine Arnaud.

Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad et Monica de laFuente

In 2008, as part of an Indo-Spanish production, he participated with the contemporary dancer Mónica de la Fuente in a creation that combines both dance and theatre, based on the text of the Ramayana, a masterly epic of India. Their collaboration continued with a creation for the festival Metis of St.-Denis, "Laya Chithra", "the image of the melody" and then in 2010, in "Bhumi Devi" Hymn to the Mother Earth, with the Casa de India.

Ravi Prasad

The distance he keeps between himself and his own culture allows him to stand out from an ancient tradition in the very first "Indian Polyphonies" ever written, and in the Indian Symphony "Mythia", created in 1996 at the Palace of Unesco and then at the Olympia for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.
Other meetings for other creations with ... "TAMBOUR QUARTET" (drums quartet), Carlo Rizzo, Adel Shams El Din and Paul MINDY; with Kiko Ruiz, flamenco guitarist, with whom he created TANDEM, his ninth album.

Ravi Prasad Ravi Prasad et Kiko Ruiz

Guest of honour at the Métis Festival of Saint-Denis in 2008, he opened with the Z QUARTET (musicians of the French National Orchestra) and from this created his tenth album, Radio France collection(released in April 2010).

As someone who enjoys doing duets, he shares the stage happily with Philippe GAL (bass, steel drums), with Dominique Regef, with singer Aymonino Jakes among others ...
His current creations take him down the path of sacred songs with Scandicus, a male chorus(2011).

Ravi Prasad Ravi Prasad

Around the instrument, the Bulbul Tarang which literally means “song of the nightingale” used for a show "Bulbul Tarang concept" was created in collaboration with the National Theatre of Foix.


His new solo "Indian Song", directed by Serge Fournet, based on footage shot during his travels in India, shows contrasts between tradition and creation.

Ravi Prasad loves getting amateurs and professionals involved in internships that lead to the presentation of shows (Mythia, Festival "Les Impulsives").   He has been transmitting to others in the last twenty years, his teaching of the voice is the result of his experiences and his training as a traditional Indian singer.
Ravi Prasad

The importance he gives to his teaching activity and the practice of the voice led him to open in fall 2008, Space Ravi Prasad, a place dedicated to the voice.

"Tradition is a base. But every artist has to find his own tradition in tradition. What we did five minutes before is over, it is already part of tradition.  The artist must look to create and extend tradition.  What is important is what he brings to every moment lived. "

In short, Ravi Prasad is always where you least expect it, his taste for experimentation and sound mixing are limitless ...

For more information, see the detailed biography of Ravi Prasad.


Ravi Prasad

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